Adviseurs industriële veiligheid voor BRZO bedrijven en veiligheidsregio’s

Adviseurs industriële veiligheid voor BRZO bedrijven en veiligheidsregio’s

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Mutual Aid & Public Private Partnership

(Inter)national success stories in the field of safety cooperation

In port and industrial areas, safety, sustainability and economic development are closely related. A ‘calamity proof’ environment is in the interest of companies, the port authority, and government authorities.

When the activities within an industrial port are interdependent, the risks are interdependent as well. This is a strong driver for arranging the preventive and repressive safety measures in a collective manner. That can be done through a collaborative agreement between companies (Mutual Aid) or with input from a government authority (Public Private Partnership).

A PPP offers authorities and companies the opportunity to tackle and solve safety and continuity issues more effectively and more efficiently. More so than when parties start working individually on their own personal interests and responsibilities.

New: Whitepaper Mutual Aid & PPP

Working together towards safety: better with less. Responsible together, organizing together, governing together, paying together.


Kappetijn recognizes and understands what's involved

More safety for less extra costs: an interesting perspective for the public development agency, authorities and companies withing and outside of the legal frameworks of Seveso and ISPS. But what all is involved when designing and developing a Mutual Aid?

Research and support

The consultants of Kappetijn are involved with many of the Mutual Aid and PPP constructions that have sprung up in the Netherlands over the years or are just now in the process of being built. Moreover, Kappetijn is conducting an international research into Mutual Aid constructions worldwide in cooperation with Joiff.

Working together towards safety: better with less

In many Dutch ‘economic hotspots’, Mutual Aid en PPP are succesful. This makes these areas an appealing example for promising industrial areas with ambitions both within and outside of the Netherlands.

Mandatory reading

These articles and reports contain the most relevant information

There is a lot of information about Mutual Aid and PPP. But what is relevant? We have gone through hundreds of researches, articles and reports for you. The most relevant of that information you’ll find right here, specially selected for Safety Authorities/core municipalities, environmental services/licensing authorities, companies/branch organizations and public development agencies/port authorities.

Mutual Aid & PPS

Interregional industrial disaster abatement in the Netherlands

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