Adviseurs industriële veiligheid voor BRZO bedrijven en veiligheidsregio’s

Adviseurs industriële veiligheid voor BRZO bedrijven en veiligheidsregio’s

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Introducing the unified Sohar Emergency Response Organization

SOHAR Port is a deep-sea port in Oman, centrally located midway between Muscat and Dubai. The port has an ideal location for the import and export of a wide variety of dry, liquid and gas bulk, break bulk, general cargo, as well as container shipping. And so it is important for a port like that to have an adequately equipped emergency response organization.

Together with the industry operating in the port, the Sohar Industrial Port Company (SIPC) in Oman has developed a safety organization that can be deployed during industrial incidents to quickly and adequately tackle the situation.

Kappetijn supports the stakeholders in Sohar with the design, development and implementation of a Sohar Emergency Response Organization (SERO), an industrial response organization consisting of a guaranteed occupation of 6 emergency workers, 2 ambulance operators and schedule-based, guaranteed Duty Officers and control room operators.

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Our specialists understand what's involved and what's required

SERO is prepared for large scale emergencies, and to this end is supported  by mutual aid agreements with OQ and PACDA. The parties will be prepared to assist each other in case of larger or prolonged incidents

Broadly applicable yet incredibly specialized

The specialized and unified Sohar Emergency Response Organisation (SERO) is the collective first responder organization for all incidents within the port area. SERO will be highly trained and is prepared to handle various incidents. SERO provides medical assistance, standard and industrial firefighting, HAZMAT and technical rescue, including rope and confined space rescue. It can also provide support in case of maritime firefighting and rescue.

From Major General Abdullah bin Ali al Harthy, PACDA:

“It is the vision of PACDA that emergency response at industrial sites is primarily the responsibility of the industries present at the industrial site. Therefore the establishment of SERO is a major step towards realization of our vision and it is a blueprint for the emergency response at other industrial estates in Oman.”


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